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(Sept 28, 2006) Due to overwhelming spam the wiki has been rolled back to the feb 06, and editing will be temporarily suspended until I upgrade the wiki software (newer versions uses a captcha). If you have any concerns, pleaase feel free to get in touch -- Lee O'Mara

The Zoe Docs Wiki

Welcome to the Zoe Docs project. Zoe Docs is a collection of documentation for [Zoe], the email interlinking wonder. This is not an official source of Zoe documentation. Among other things the wiki serves as a collective long term memory for the Zoe-general mailing list. More info About Zoe Docs is available. You are welcome to contribute.

Aussi disponible en franšais - Zoe Docs French is now available (thanks to kalou)

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Web: [Homepage] [Sourceforge Project page]
Mailing lists: [zoe-general] [zoe-devel] [searchable archive]
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